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Submit a mock violin orchestra audition video and get personalised critique from a renowned orchestra leader/concertmaster

Ioma Pro Payment

Why do I need IOMA Pro?

The most important aspect in audition preparation is taking part in auditions. At first we don't do as well as we can because of a lack of experience, but if you don't have enough experience "on paper", you might be likely not to be invited to audition in the first place.

How to break the vicious circle?

With IOMA Pro, you will always be ready for your dream audition. We offer mentoring by renowned leaders, support with audition preparation, applications, and more.

You can also use your achievements with us for your CV. 


Savva Zverev
IOMA Director
Sub-Principal Second Violin,
Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra

When I graduated, I had no idea what skills or experience were required to play with orchestras as an extra, let alone get a job. Failure after failure, some 50 applications and 20 auditions down the line, I started getting trials. Through trial and error, at 23, I got my job. 

My journey inspired me to create this platform which offers all one needs to work in the industry, and connects you with top musicians, whether you are a student or a recent graduate. 


Amyn .jpeg

Amyn Merchant

Leader of the Bournemouth 

Symphony Orchestra

Principal 2nd Violin, BBC Symphony Orchestra

Submit by 01/02/2023

More coming soon

More coming soon

More coming soon

Step 1

Create an account and sign up for IOMA Pro


Buy a one-off audition

Step 2

Choose a concerto and excerpts, or any piece of your choice to record and submit by the deadline 

(next: 01 February)

Step 3

Get feedback directly from the leader/concertmaster.

Keep working and re-submit before the next deadline.  


Please read full terms and conditions

Amyn .jpeg

Amyn Merchant

Leader of the Bournemouth 

Symphony Orchestra

Principal 2nd Violin, BBC Symphony Orchestra

Submit by 01/02/2023

More coming soon

More coming soon

More coming soon

Our Panel

Amyn .jpeg

Amyn Merchant

Leader of the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra


  • Principal 2nd Violin, BBC Symphony Orchestra

  • The Hallé

Videos submitted by 01 February 2023

james_clark_1394104681 (1).webp

James Clark

Ex- leader:

  • Philharmonia

  • Chamber Orchestra of Europe

  • BBC National Orchestra of Wales

  • Royal Scottish National Orchestra

  • Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra

Videos submitted by 01 April 2023


Thelma Handy

Leader of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra


  • Chamber Orchestra of Europe

  • English Chamber Orchestra

Videos submitted by 01 June 2023


Matthew Scrivener

Leader of the National Symphony Orchestra and English National Ballet Philharmonic


  • Sub-Leader, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra

  • English Chamber Orchestra


Alexander Kagan

1st Concertmaster

Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra;


  • 1st Concertmaster at Norrlandsoperan, Sweden

  • Associate Concertmaster, Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra

  • Lucerne Festival Orchestra

Videos submitted by 01 October 2023

Videos submitted by 01 August 2023

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Record and submit an audition with us once every 2 months for just £12.59/month

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Submit a single video audition.

Price: £35.99

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    IOMA Pro

    Every month
    Bi-monthly mock auditions with orchestra leaders
    • Submit your videos with us once every two months.
  • Single Audition

    Online Mock Orchestra Audition
    Valid for one year
    • Submit your mock audition within 6 weeks of purchase

Yuri Torchinsky

Leader of the BBC Philharmonic


Forward-thinking idea, unique platform

Dina Parakhina

Dina Parakhina

Professor of Piano, Royal College of Music

IOMA opens endless possibilities to anyone who is looking for effective music tuition.


Dr. Andrew Winter

Dermatology Consultant

IOMA has helped me hugely. Music has been my passion for over 5 decades and I am thrilled to be able to play my most favourite pieces with ease.

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